Creating Your Custom Caster

  1. Begin with a character idea.  The timeframe in the Iron Kingdoms is loosely defined as 605 to 606 AR.  War has raged long enough to fell Llael and draw the Hordes into battle but not create any epic Casters or unique warjacks.
  2. Pick a Faction, Contract or Pact.  In the Iron Kingdoms everyone fights for a flag or master.
  3. Pick a Warcaster or Warlock from the list below.  We refer to this list of 30 Casters as Set 1 and it includes the Prime & Primal Casters as well as six others.  All their rules are available in the FREE content of War Room.
  4. The Caster you have chosen will be the Chassis that you build your Caster on.  You may even take a Warlock in a Warmachine faction or a Warcaster in a Hordes faction.  Most cross systems rules questions will be covered in the Who’s the Boss? recommendations that can be found here, under Warcaster & Warlock Rule and Caster FAQ.
  5. Keep the Chassis’ statline, focus/fury, jack/beast points, abilities, weapons, weapon abilities and Feat.  Remove all spells from your spell list.  Don’t panic, you’ll be adding new spells later.
  6. Build a 25 point army, including your jack/beast points.  You may not include character warjacks or warbeasts, but character solos and units are allowed.  Theme forces are not allowed.  This is the core of your army.
  7. The NoVA Nomads will conduct Spell Drafts at several area stores in advance as well as the morning of the event at Huzzah Hobbies. Talk to your local PG or email us to schedule one. Drafting in advance allows you to fully incorporate spell themes into your modelling and painting.
    1. If you are unable to schedule a spell draft with the NoVA Nomads (you live too far away, you don’t have a nearby game store, or you’re just curious) then you can draft online at

      Keep in mind that all the rules of the event still apply: you must still choose chassis, faction and your base 25 pts prior to drafting.  It is ok to run through the draft a couple of times, but we do monitor it in case someone is being a bit excessive trying to get the ultimate set of spells. This portion of the custom caster is random and the spells on your card are weighed very low for evaluating how well you built your caster.  The most points are given for creativity and overall idea – so building well with what you draft is not only the spirit of the event, it’s the best way to do it well!

  8. Draft a new spell list from Set 1.  Rules can be found here. Warbeasts retain their animi and are not part of the Feat of Service Spell Draft.
    1. If you don’t have the chance to take part in a Spell Draft before the event, skip to step 10 for now: You can still assemble & paint your custom model without knowing your spells.
  9. Your Caster is now complete.  Fill out your Caster card here or create your own.
  10. Bring your Caster to life in miniature form.  You may use any model you want, but in order to win our Hobby Trophy for Best Custom Caster it may not use any parts from non-PP miniatures, and may include custom sculpting and conversion work.  Your Caster must retain the base size of the chassis¹ and have the same number and appropriately sized weapons².
  11. To ensures good communication with your opponent, always use the normal spell names during games.  When writing your fluff or discussing your new creation with your fellow gamers feel free to let your imagination run wild changing trappings, descriptive details or cosmetic effects.
  12. Name your Caster and write a brief fluff description befitting a Privateer Press Model a modest sized paragraph (500 character maximum).  You can find examples in the online galleries of Privateer Press’ Warmachine and Hordes models.
  13. Now add another 10 points to your army for a total of 35.  You may change up to five points of your initial 25.  If you do we suggest an additional donation to the WWP of $2 per point.  This is a fundraiser, so let’s raise some funds.
    1. Example:  Andy has a 25 point army from step six but wants to add a unit with UA that totals 12 points.  He takes two points out of his original 25, donates an additional $4 to the WWP, then adds the new unit and UA to his list.
  14. Bring your new creation to Huzzah Hobbies on May 30th to battle with other charitable gamers like yourself.  The Best Custom Caster will be judged on the basis of creativity, modelling and painting execution, the fiction blurb, and overall fit of the rules and design.  We hope you’ll make some new friends and get the opportunity to face off against your favorite Nomad!

    Caster “chassis” available to choose from:

    • Asphyxious1
    • Baldur1
    • Barnabas1
    • Butcher1
    • Caine1
    • Carver1
    • Deneghra1
    • Doomshaper1
    • Grissel1
    • Haley1
    • Hexeris1
    • Kaelyssa1
    • Kaya1
    • Kreoss1
    • Krueger1
    • Lylyth1
    • MacBain1
    • Madrak1
    • Magnus1
    • Makeda1
    • Morghoul1
    • Rahn1
    • Reclaimer1
    • Severius1
    • Skarre1
    • Sorscha1
    • Stryker1
    • Thagrosh1
    • Vayl1
    • Vlad1

    ¹Base Model Examples:  You could make an Ogrun or Tharn model as the Butcher Chassis in Circle.  You could use the Feora model to make a Vayl Chassis who works for Mercenaries but evokes a fire theme to match your Spell Draft.
    ²FAQ on weapons:  Weapons do not need to be the same shape as those on the Chassis’ stock model.  A reach sword can be used in place of a reach axe.  A reach weapon should easily be seen as having reach and a chain weapon must be recognizable as having a chain.  Models with elemental damage types or critical effects can, but are not required to, to be modelled to demonstrate that effect.  If in doubt, post a photo and your question here.