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Feat of Service 2015


The second annual Feat of Service to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project is less than a month away!

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[HtT] StrikingScorpion82′s Painting Method

As the 40k bug continues to nibble away at my painting time, I find myself looking for painting videos for inspiration, tips and other nuggets of knowledge. This video is a good hour and a half long, but goes into loads of detail on how to do what I …read more

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The (Short) Road to Warmachine Weekend

Myself and two friends have decided to make the trek to St. Louis this year for Warmachine Weekend! So you know that that means: PAINTING SPREEEEEEE! I’ve chronicled last time what my new Menoth paint scheme will be, now it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty. With my …read more

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Studio Update – 8/22


It’s been a slow week or two here on the blog, but not so in the studio.

I’ve had several projects on my desk after the move and subsequent setting up of the new studio (in no particular order…):

Masterclass Painting book from Angel Giraldez in 2015!

One of my favorite miniature painters (as in the models, he actually looks quite tall), and Infinity studio painter Angel Giraldez is coming out with a Masterclass how-to book in 2015! It’ll be a limited run of 5000 copies, so you can rest assured that I’ll be preordering this one! …read more

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Throwback Thursday: Space Marines


My buddy recently found an old flash drive of mine from college, and on it were a few pictures of my Space Marines. These aren’t the first models I painted, but they were some of the last I was working on before I switched to Warmachine & Hordes.

If tomorrow’s …read more

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GenCon Minis Photo Dump @ LH


Buddy G’daybloke of Lost Hemisphere fame recently gathered up his moxy and headed to GenCon this year. He know how much we love miniatures, and has posted a large photodump for all of us to enjoy. Go check it out here: LINKY

…read more

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Zuriel spotted!

Rhyas’ (and Saeryn’s) character warbeast is looking O.M.G.Amazing! My Rhyas can’t wait to get her homeboy! I’m also super excited if you couldn’t tell. I went nuts when they announced that her character warbeast was going to be a Nephilim, as my Soldier is not only the first legion model …read more

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Gencon 2014 Seminar

Originally posted on The Wayward Warcor:
Corvus Belli had their big reveals seminar at Gencon earlier today. Here’s the Team Covenant video plus some pics. The video was taken by Team Covenant, a youtube group who should have more Infinity presence once N3 rolls around when they’ve promised to start …read more

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Initial thoughts on eXerxis

Today I have a guest post from our local competitively minded player. Following all the Warlock spoilers from Exigence yesterday, local Danny who has a Skorne army commissioned by Jolly Roger Studios, shares his thoughts on eXerxis. Take it away! The more I let the casters sink in and …read more

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Spoilers from GenCon 2014! Infinity Edition!

Yesterday was my main squeeze’s day, today it’s my side game! Models! First let’s start with my bros, the Tohaa. Here we have the Kotail: Meh on the helmet, AWESOME on everything else! Symbiote Armor and dual Combis?! Aw yiss. Even the pose is great. The helmet might …read more

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Exigence Spoilers from GenCon 2014

Spoilers are already starting to trickle out for the new casters in the next Hordes book: EXIGENCE. Got your attention now? Good, because I have them all collected here in screenshot form. Click each to enlarge. Stone Cold Brodog (Bradigus) FURY 6 Ranged attack is RAT 6, RNG 8, …read more

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Vallejo Game Air – New Airbrush Paint Line!

Schnauzerface got his hands on an advanced set of new Vallejo Game Air paints. He explains in the video that this is a sub-set of the Vallejo Game Color (VGC) line, all re-formulated with finer pigments and thinned down for use in an airbrush.

With 48 paints in the …read more

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[HtT] [Relic Knights] Quick Glowy Bases


Relic Knight Bases

I’m working on getting my first 35 pts of Relic Knights painted up, and wanted to show you how I’ve decided to do my bases.

The Kickstarter gave us some neat base inserts that depict grates, piping and opened boxes, and they also included some loose crystals to do …read more

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[Fun with 40k] Plarzoid’s Dark Angels


Earlier, LynchPin spoke about his Tau Force and I wanted to quickly discuss my plans for Dark Angels.

In most regards, the DA are standard Space Marines, but they have a fun back story and hidden agenda:

Back in the day, when Horus pulled an Anakin Skywalker and flipped to the …read more

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Rust Chipping Video from ScaleModelMedic

This is a fantastic 15-minute look at some common rusty paint chipping techniques. You won’t be disappointed:

…read more

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[Fun with 40k] Origins: LynchPin’s Tau

Malekith on Dragon, painted by Minus of DakkaDakka

Some locals and I are getting our feet wet into 40k as a beer and pretzels game, and a way to tell some fun stories about our characters. I’m likely to run Dark Angels (despite the earlier Tau Paint Scheme which is completely unrelated). …read more

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Stat and Point Cost changes in N3 – Omens

Originally posted on MayaCast:
Comparing the stats from the Operation: Icestorm rulebook (pg 25 and 27) with the Infinity Army Builder indicates that we are in for some widespread, yet subtle changes to the costs and abilities of our favorite units in Infinity Third Edition. Some changes are universal. BTS …read more

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Another successful hobbying weekend! With Pics!

Despite my being out of town for a almost a week, I had what I would call a successful hobby weekend! Well it was pretty much a successful Sunday…but still! Let’s take a look-see at what hit the table this weekend! Let’s start with the model that’s this post’s …read more

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