[Jr 2014] Week 4 Game


This week, I played against Sheridan’s Legion.

Sheridan was running Thagrosh2, two Sytheans, a Seraph, an Angelius, two Shredders, a Raek, two Forsaken and a Shepherd.

His paint scheme is a cool, radioactive green with grey:


I deployed with my battlegroup off to the right, WGI to the left, and the Greylords way …read more

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From the Journeyman to a Tournament

This weekend there is a 50pt Steamroller 2014 tournament at a local hobby shop that quite a few people from the Journeyman League will be attending. I’m not playing a regular Journeyman game this week in order to give myself one more day to finish painting (there’s a best-painted award!). …read more

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[How-to Tuesday] Extreme Behemoth Build


The Extreme Behemoth. It’s a mark of status among the Khador players, and it’s a project that has many variations.

The Behemoth is a character Warjack that is … well, it’s huge and armored and bristling with weapons:

Hailed as the ultimate Khadoran warjack, the Behemoth exemplifies the best qualities of …read more

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The Mid-Journeyman League Slump

Sigh… I was going to try to avoid the slump this year. I was energized to paint coming into March. Then I met Skorne. True to form at the end of our third week of Journeyman, I’ve entered the Mid-League Slump. This is where you don’t think …read more

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Fourth Game – 3/5/14


My one and only game for Week 3 was against Hawk playing a mercenary army piloted by Shae. Hawk’s list isn’t available on our Journeyman league signup sheet so this will need to be from memory. I also can’t seem to make Forward Kommander populate with all of the different …read more

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[Jr 3014] Extreme Behemoth Final Pose


The gun racks are done, just have to decide on gun placement.

What say you?

…read more

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[Jr 2014] Week 3

So, no game last night. I ran a demo for some new comers, and got a few half-games of Netrunner in. Jinteki hurts. A lot.

I’ve signed up for a tournament next weekend. Not my usual bag, but there’s a best Painted Army award, so I’m after …read more

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Templecon 2015 Planning


So, what I’ve learned from this year, is that since I’m only going to be playing in Iron Arena, there are things I need to consider to make life a little easier.

Thunderdome is a thing

I need three warcasters that play well together for Thunderdome. I hadn’t considered this, …read more

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Journeyman League – Hobby Update


We’re starting the third week of the Journeyman league and I just finished my first unit. I painted a full 10-man (woman) unit of Satyxis Raiders. These things are a huge pain — there are tiny details all over the model that need to be picked out with a tiny …read more

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[Jr 2014] Behemoth Pose Complete!


This is all I was able to accomplish. It seems like very little, but getting the pose finalized is a big step in my process. All that’s left to do is build the tracks for the guns and build him a neck, and I’m ready for paint.

Also, I …read more

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[Paint the Target] February 2014 Results!

So this post is a little late. March 1st happens to be on a Saturday and even though that’s the day I’m composing this results posts, it actually won’t post until March 3rd. Why? Saturdays are historically the lowest traffic days and I want to make sure as …read more

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Third Game – 2/26/14

Originally posted on Chronicles of a Mediocre Wargamer:
Second game of the night for Week 2 was against Ron playing a Makeda3 tier list. His list was: Faction: Makeda3 – Armageddon Points: 50/50 Tiers: 4 Makeda and the Exalted Court (*2pts) * Bronzeback Titan (10pts) * Mammoth (19pts) * Titan …read more

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[PlarzChat] Live Hobby Q&A via Youtube

By Plarzoid

I mentioned earlier in the week that I was going to host a Google Hangout on Air on Saturday (tomorrow, Mar 1st), and, well, here it is:

The broadcast goes live at Noon (EST), and is scheduled to run for two hours. You can view it right here on this blog post, or by following the video to Youtube and watching there.

I’ll be working on my Extreme Behemoth Conversion and the Greylord Outriders. I’ll be pinning, working with plasticard and greenstuff, and answering any of your model prep, assembly, and converting questions.

Along …read more

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No time like the present...even if "the present" is two weeks behind!

By noreply@blogger.com (Joshua Smith)

Hello readers!

First blog post ever and all that! Exciting, woo! First Infinite… if you said, “sounds very Aleph” you would be correct. This blog was created waaaaay back when I started Infinity. Then apathy kicked in so it sat collecting dust for a few years. Fast forward to now, two weeks into my second WM/H Journeyman and I’ve decided to drink the blog kool-aid. That’s my ultra-condensed story so onto some shop talking.

Transitioning from Retribution of Scyrah to Circle Orboros has been a challenege to say the least. Wrapping my mind around the fury mechanic and Hordes rule differences has …read more

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[Journeyman 2014] Makeda and me.

Two weeks into our Journeyman, how has Makeda & the Exalted Court theme force been treating me? …read more

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[Jr 2014] Week 2 Game

This week, I was able to get a game in against relatively new player, Justin. He was running Retribution, using the following list:

Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper (*7pts)
* Discordia (10pts)
* Phoenix (10pts)
* Sylys Wyshnalyrr, the Seeker (2pts)
Dawnguard Sentinels (Leader and 9 Grunts) (9pts)
* Dawnguard Sentinel Officer & Standard (2pts)
Houseguard Halberdiers (Leader …read more

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Second Game – 2/26/14

My second Journeyman League game was against Adam playing Menoth. I’ve played Adam before and games against him are always fun since he puts up with me forgetting the rules. This would be my first game ever against a Menoth army, so I had no idea what to expect. He …read more

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[Jr 2014] Ouch, that burns!

So, this was about all I got done last night, over about three hours.

One fist for Behemoth:

There was lots and lots of Jeweler’s Saw cutting going on to get the little buggers free from their original frame, and the small parts don’t have an easy way to dissipate heat, …read more

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Artwork for the new warjacks in Vengenance!

Here are some artwork scans (no rules spoilers sorry!) for the new warjacks coming in soon to come Vengeance book. Enough talk, picture time!Filed under: Cool stuff I’ve Found Tagged: art, cryx inflictor, cygnar reliant, heavy warjacks, khador grolar, menoth indictor, spoilers, Vengeance …read more

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Spud’s done it again!

By Plarzoid


Those of you who read my Templecon Battle Reports will remember the amazing collection of custom Journeyman Warcasters converted and sculpted by Captain Spud.

Well, he’s posted up pictures and words on how he did these awesome models, and you should definitely go check it out, here.

…read more

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