Aquablight Test Scheme: Part 4


Had some time this weekend to work on miniatures. The amount of progress made vs time put in isn’t what I’d like it to be, but given how organic and iterative the process of working out a scheme can be, I’m still happy with where I am.

Most of the …read more

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The Emperors Legions Horus Heresy Tournament – Wash up

Originally posted on The Painting Bunker:
Hello everyone! Its been ages since my last post and I’ve been anxiously wanting to put this post up for some time. However due to life etc I’ve not had the time. Let me assure you, it’ll be well worth your wait. …read more

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Aquablight Test Scheme: Part 3


Playing with some color now.

I knew I wanted to try out P3′s Exile Blue as a shade. I’d like it to be the majority shade, so I’m aiming for it to be all beasty aqua bits, and likely cloth. Here, I’ve applied it to one wing of the …read more

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Entangled – Overgrown stone floor bases

Originally posted on daggerandbrush:
Working on the Crypt module there was a surplus of roots, rough-hewn stone tiles and moss mixture, so I decided to make good use of the materials and created five matching bases. They also work quite well for an overgrown jungle temple environment or ruins of …read more

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Ember Mage: Done!


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Aquablight Test Scheme: Part 2


Not much progress has been made since last week. Holidays, family in town, that sort of thing.

I’ve been able to get small bits done here and there, but I’m still firmly in the “block out colors” stage, where I’m not even thinking about highlights or shades.

Model Updates


I just love …read more

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Aiakos, Scourge of Meridius


Took me longer than usual to paint this little guy but I like how he came out… sort of, haha. I tried object source lighting for the first time. It’s a nice effect that I’m going to try to play with more in the future.

I think the glowing gem …read more

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Aquablight Test Scheme: Part 1


Since the goal for Templecon is to run Legion (of which little that I want to use is painted), I need to get started.

I’ve done Aquablight in the past, it’s one of my favorite looks, and the color scheme of the site is modeled after it. I’ve …read more

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Tournament – Fairfax C&G 4/12/14


We had our inaugural tournament at Fairfax Comics & Gaming this weekend. It’s a relatively new store just a block from my office that has just enough room to run a 16-man tournament. We ended up with 14 players, and oddly enough zero Hordes players and 5 Retribution players. A …read more

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Deadzone – Rebs Painting Guide!

Originally posted on DeathWatch Studios:
Here’s a guide as to how I panted up my Rebs Force. The first thing to say is there were a few basic colours that stayed the same throughout the force; the armour, blacks, reds, metals and leather. So here’s a rundown of how those …read more

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Mage is ready to thrown down in the arena!

With the East Coast Rumble coming up this weekend, you’d think I spent my weekend prepping for it. WRONG. As detailed in a post a bit ago, I’ve recently gotten into playing the board game Mage Wars. Mage Wars is technically a card game at it’s core, but leaving well …read more

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How to: Reaper Hydra with Marsh Base

Originally posted on MGM Painting:
Here’s how I did the Reaper Hydra with a marsh base! 1. Clean mould lines, boil, dry fit while cooling to reduce gaps. 2. Prime black 3. Paint the scales on his back VGC Jade Green, highlight with mix of Jade Green and RMS Linen …read more

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Crackle Plaster is easy…

Originally posted on The Monk’s Cave:
What is Crackle Plaster? It is a plaster that is designed to crack when it dries. I wanted to try this because I have always wanted to rebase my High Reclaimer list. Here it is. I got it at Micheal’s. …read more

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Hobby Update – Forest Base


With the Journeyman coming to an end I’ve decided to take a break from painting Cryx and work on a new army: Farrow. My goal is to put together a playable 50pt Carver army.

For my new army I’ve decided I need to step my game up as far as detail …read more

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Objectives and Flags

Originally posted on Anything Worth Doing…:
Two of the key components of Steamroller scenarios are objective markers and flags. Normally at club we use cardboard tokens cut to the appropriate size and a D20 to mark damage, which is ok until either the dice gets knocked or a stiff breeze …read more

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Adepticon Goodies!

I wish I was there, but luckily my friends over at Lost Hemisphere have some ninjas with cameras, and you should definitely check this stuff out:

Hordes Lesser Warlocks, Imperatus & Exulon

Despoiler Unboxing

What’s your favorite model?

…read more

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End of the Journeyman 2014

The Journeyman league has come and gone. I ended up taking home the prize for having the best painted army (one of two competitors! haha), and all in all it was a good experience.

Just to recap, my original list was:

Points: 50/50
Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast (*6pts)
* Nightwretch (4pts)
* Deathjack …read more

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The Wolf Pack

Before I get into what I’ve been working on this past week, I want to remind you all that Velmarius only had 4 days left to go on eBay. Check it out here:

Ok, so I needed to blitz something before the month was over for the “Tales …read more

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[Paint the Target] March 2014 Results!

Month 3 is behind us and with it another Target down! In march the target was to paint a model with a bladed implement of death. Which pretty much meant anything that wasn’t a gun. Let see what you all came up with! Andy starts us off with a …read more

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The Road to the Capitol Palette and Nova Open has begun…

Last week I put out a poll and asked for suggestions for a model to paint and enter in the 2014 Nova Open Capitol Palette/Crystal Brush. In the end there were 2 clear front runners (which a seemingly last minute push for the Deathjack to tie it for second place) …read more

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