Spell Draft Rules

  1. Feat of Service 2014 will use the Set 1 Deck, made up of a single copy of each spell found on the Set 1 Casters.  Each spell appears once in the deck regardless of how many Set 1 Casters have it.  All copies of the Set 1 Deck will be identical.  There are 109 spells available in Set 1.
  2. The Judge will form drafters into groups of four, called a Pod.
  3. The Judge will draw a Pack of 32 random cards from the Set 1 Deck for each Pod.  When there are less than 32 cards remaining in the Deck, the remaining cards from that copy of the Deck will be discarded.  If needed, the Judge will then use another complete copy of the Set 1 Deck to create additional Packs of 32 for other Pods.
  4. Each player in the Pod is dealt a Hand of eight cards cards from their Pod’s deck.  Do not look at your cards until instructed.
  5. When the Judge tells you to begin, you may look at your Hand.  You have two and a half minutes to review them and select one to keep.  When prompted, pass the remaining cards in the Hand to the player on your right.
  6. You have two and a half minutes to choose a second card, then two minutes for cards three and four, and one minute for cards five through eight.
  7. You will end up with eight Spell Cards that form the basis of your Caster’s spell list.
  8. Subtract one from your Focus/Fury stat.  Keep that many spells cards and discard the rest.
  9. These Spell Cards are your Caster’s new spell list for the day of the Event.  Fill out your Caster’s Custom Card Found here.

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